SharpKeys 3.9

Manage keyboard mapping to change the button configuration
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3.9.2000 (See all)

Change the mapping of your keyboard via a registry tweaking. Turn off the Caps Lock if you suffer from accidentally hitting it while typing and assign its function to another button. It supports up to 104 key combinations. If you forget the layout, just restore the default keyboard configuration.

SharpKeys is a nice little utility that hacks the default registry of your Windows XP installation and maps the default keys present on the keyboard to something else. For example, you can easily map your windows key to act as backspace or something else, depending on your choice. All this is done very easily using a very simple and intiutive interface. This version of SharpKeys supports around 104 key mappings and a "Type Tool" is also included that allows you to type in the key of your choice that is not present in the application, a very nice feature alltogether. You can also edit or delete the key mappings which you didn't like. It is a boon for laptop users where the keyboard is usually too minuscule and some special keys are not present, for example, the Pause Break key. Being an open source application, you can also edit the code and transform it in the way you want. This version works very well with all the latest operating systems from Microsoft whether it is Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Simple & intuitive interface
  • Custom type tool is included
  • Open Source


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